About us

About Al Salam Hotels

Al Salam Hotel Management is a joint venture between August Hotels & Resorts and Tawasul Property Development that was incorporated with the purpose of managing the Al Salam Hotel in Khartoum, Sudan. Al Salam Hotel Management took over the hotel from Rotana Hotels on March 21st, 2020 and the hotel was renamed from Al Salam Rotana to Al Salam Hotel. Combining Tawasul’s experience and history in both Khartoum and Sudan with August Hotel & Resort’s expertise and proficiency in hotel management results in a strategic and effective partnership. Both companies are based in the United Arab Emirates, a country that is well-known for its thriving hospitality sector which we hope to use a model for the management of Al Salam Hotel. By putting the partnership’s know-how, the latest hotel trends and practices, and modern technologies to use, we hope to maintain and improve Al Salam’s standing on a local and international level.

Our Vision

To establish Al Salam Hotel as Sudan’s leading hotel by offering our guests the most distinctive service and prime facilities while creating value for all our stakeholders.


– Attracting and retaining guests by offering a unique experience that is built on the tenets of service, quality and value.
– Maintaining our property to the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and comfort.
– Operating as a choice employer that adheres to fair business practices and the promotion and education of our workforce. We offer our employees the opportunity to acquire and polish skills that help them achieve their true potential.
– Making a positive and progressive contribution to society by establishing a meaningful, enriching, and genuine corporate social responsibility program.
– The inclusion and portrayal of local Sudanese culture and heritage into the overall hotel experience


‘We Love Sudan’ Policy

One of our key policies has been the inclusion and portrayal of local Sudanese culture and heritage into our guest experience.  Traditional dishes have been perfected and are served in a five-star setting.  Local customs and rituals have been subtly added to the hotel in physical form through art, music or garb and we have increased the exposure of our guests to the local way of life and to the story of Sudan through the dissemination of information.